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When browsing the documentation, look for the symbol that indicates a new function & the symbol that indicates a change in an existing function. You can also tìm kiếm for information about new or changed features. Look for the topics that describe the new features of the program for “New Feature”. Find changes khổng lồ existing features by “changed feature”.You can use the freehvà spline to lớn create hand-drawn splines directly in the window.The Spline Influence modifier allows you khổng lồ create a softened selection of spline nodes based on their proximity to certain objects.The Spline Overlap modifier recognizes self-overlapping splines & adjusts the movement of overlapping segments.The Optimize Spline modifier reduces the number of nodes & adjusts the handles to lớn reproduce the original spline as precisely as possible.

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With the Influence Helper, you can easily select vertices and apply loss of proximity effects khổng lồ the effects.The PathDeform modifier now works in object space and can also move sầu materials khổng lồ geometry based on the materials applied lớn the segments.The Normalize Spline modifier now gives you more options for balancing your splines.Moreover, The most comtháng UVW Unwrap Modifier bugs submitted & named by the user community have sầu been fixing in an ongoing commitment to lớn chất lượng.Above sầu all, CAD-based imports via ATF reduce conversion times by 30% on average.IN other words, Complex scenes lượt thích the interior of a commercial aircraft with hundreds of seats can now be use and edit in the windows.Effectively create parametric và organic objects with polygon, subdivision area, và spline modeling functions.

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Create parametric Boolean operations on two or more splines using the familiar 3 chiều Boolean user interface.Edit the animations directly in the window and get instant feedbaông xã when you adjust your scene. Create procedural animations & character tricks using the CAT, biped và crowd animation tools. Use keyframes & procedural facilitation tools. View & modify animation paths directly in the window.Create animation controllers with a new generation of animation tools that you can create, modify, package, & giới thiệu. Animate simulation data in CFD, CSV or OpenVDB formats.

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