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ACDSee Phokhổng lồ Studio Professional 2021 v14.0.1 Build 1721 Licence Key Lachạy thử Full Download


ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2021 v14.0.1 Build 1721 Crack is the most powerful photo lớn viewer, RAW image editor, & organizer that works in all image formats. ACDSee Photo lớn Studio Professional Full Version provides a complete set of tools for photo lớn enhancement và management. The program offers RAW/lossless image editing, batch image processing, metadata editing (Exif / IPTC), classification, keywords, & categories. ACDSee Phokhổng lồ Studio is one of the most popular indestructible photography enhancement programs. ACDSee includes an instinctive và easy-to-use tab. Displays a tree view of the tệp tin structure with thumbnails of the selected thư mục for easy navigation, in addition lớn the viewfinder of the selected image. In addition, it also provides a cabịt for viewing và decoding fast / RAW images.

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ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2021 v14.0.1 Build 1721 License Key is the software, which includes a constantly improving list of new & new features designed lớn give professional photographers excellent results and ease of use.

ACDSee Photo lớn Studio Professional 2021 v14.0.1 Build 1721 Key Features:

ACDSee Phokhổng lồ Studio Professional 2021 v14.0.1 Build 1721 Patch includes many px editing tools that fascinate the image with a deep working effect.There are more than 200 customizations in the image.The lakiểm tra 500 built-in camera models for image processing, enhancements, & more in AcdseeAllows you lớn make a useful version in RAW, JPEG, and all other formats.You can create visual effects & add them lớn images.Your creations are fully compatible with other programs such as Photoshop & others.Manage photos in lists.You can find saved images simply by putting a specific word, phrases in a specific place.You can try lớn twist the svào effect of the imaging lens.It has an excellent feature that provides HDR effects when you add too much of a piece khổng lồ a dark or too bright one.It has a screwdriver which is the best unique editing tool.You can phối adjustment effects directly on the image khổng lồ reduce or increase the darkness. There are over 24 fine-tuning effects available.Very user-friendly interface with the right user manual.It is without a doubt the best source of image processing available in the market.Works fast & avoids falling while working

What is new in ACDSee Pholớn Studio Professional 2021 v14.0.1 Build 1721?

New Features:

Introduced Color Wheel in Develop & Edit modes.Introduced Tone Wheels in Develop and Edit modes.Added Refine Selection in Edit mode.Introduced Presets Pane in Develop mode.Introduced History Pane in Develop mode.New & improved Batch Rename including the ability to make custom presets.Added support for importing face data from Lightroom and Picasa.Added a toggle option lớn tìm kiếm either the entire database or the current tệp tin menu selection.Added GoPro.Glăng xê tệp tin support.

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Performance Improvements

Faster startup performance improvement, especially while working with từ khoá và categories.Faster mode switching performance, especially while working with keywords & categories.Faster RAW decoding performance.Faster Database Maintenance loading performance.Faster decoding performance for tiled HEIC images.


Improved watermark with relative sầu positioning.Improved crop with relative positioning.Added Histogram pane in Develop mode.Added Snapshot pane in Develop mode.Added color pickers for Pixel Targeting.Improved Batch Reform size with the ability khổng lồ create presets.Added the ability lớn manually add a PC target with a QR code in the mobile Sync tiện ích.Added more lens correction profiles.Help files are online.

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Known Issues

Actions Browser can only be invoked in one instance of ACDSee in Manage mode.Drag và drop from thiết bị di động devices to lớn Windows Explorer does not work but dragging and dropping from mobile devices within ACDSee is supported.In some cases, in Windows 7 and 8, when the camera is connected to the computer via a USB cable, the Import tool may fail khổng lồ display media files and will not copy them. In these cases, we recommkết thúc copying items from these devices to lớn your computer with Windows Explorer or importing truyền thông media through the card reader.The watermark shows an incorrect pđánh giá in certain scenarquả táo.It is recommended that you restart ACDSee after importing a Lightroom database.Rephối Layout does not reset multiple image baskets.Keyword fields are limited khổng lồ 64 characters.If a face is named before face thumbnails appear in the Face pane, no thumbnail is created for that person in the People Manager.If a đoạn Clip cannot be decoded, it will not be returned by the Video Special Items search.UTF-16 files missing a byte order mark cannot be imported as a keywords danh sách.Pasting files in View mode may produce unexpected results.365 mode does not support multiple image baskets.If you close the Recording Actions dialog, it is hidden until the next kích hoạt recording.Gquảng bá thumbnail may not display when importing from or browsing in a camera device.Importing images from a network location with the option of “Preserve sầu subfolder names” may not import images properly.Database conversion and database export/import vị not transfer từ khoá & category keyboard shortcuts.



System Requirements:

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