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Company ANSYS Inc is one of the top developers of software / CAE stands for Computer-Aided Engineering và able engineering using computers) industry. This set contains several tools for simulation & analysis of various branches of engineering science such as electromagnetism, etc., electrostatic, etc. of electronics, mechanics of solids và fluids, transmission of heat, dynamics and… used. This set inlớn two parts, the overall Simulation Technology that includes tools, a powerful simulation và analysis, và the Workflow Technology is lớn communicate between different parts of the analysis parallel to the diverse issues used.

Features and properties of mix software ANSYS :

– Detailed analysis of issues and different engineering

– The use of the finite element method (Finite Element Method or the abbreviation FEM)

– Persize analysis of linear và non-linear static và dynamic analysis

– Ability to lớn analyze various types of structures like bridges, etc., dams, etc., tanks and also structures of steel or concrete

– Ability khổng lồ persize analysis simultaneously, such as analysis of solids and fluids

– Capability of coding and programming language available in the software

– Debriefing of the project and save sầu as a photo & film

– Coordination with software, various analytical and design engineering, such as CATIA, etc. Autodesk Inventor, etc., SolidWorks., the NX (Unigraphics), for Solid Edge


Version 19 includes the following applications:

– ANSYS Mechanical, Pro, Premium, Enterprise– ANSYS CFD Premium và Enterprise– ANSYS Mechanical, CFD, Maxwell 3D– ANSYS Mechanical Maxwell 3D– ANSYS Mechanical CFD– ANSYS HFSS– ANSYS SIwave– ANSYS Maxwell– ANSYS Q3 chiều Extractor– ANSYS Icepak

– Usually two methods of activation by team MAGNiTUDE/LND và SSQ or SolidSQUAD provided that the method of SSQ fuller, but with the interval, the more will be released.

System requirements

Version 16.2, and 17.2 và 18.2 & 19:

System requirements :Windows 7 (64-bit Professional & Enterprise versions)Windows 8.1 (64-bit Professional & Enterprise versions)Windows 10 (64-bit Professional và Enterprise versions)Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (64-bit), Windows HPC Landmark Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition 22 GB on the hard drive, multiprocessing, memory> 2 GB more>

Red Hat Enterprise 6(6.8 & 6.9)Red Hat Enterprise 7 (7.2 và 7.3)SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (SP3 & SP4)SuSE Linux Enterprise Server và Desktop 12 (SP1 và SP2)




Installation guide

Method common versions 16 to lớn 19:

The two methods provided that the method first need khổng lồ install the license lead, & the second method without the need to install that, the second method is explained in …

Beginning with software like DAEMON Tools , or UltraISO or PowerISO and through the virtual drive sầu, etc. disk 1 software to lớn Mount và run the file setup.exe và then choose the option Install the ANSYS Products installation khổng lồ begin & complete. The ANSYS License Manager will not install & in as install also from stage license with your choice …Skip pass.

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Finally, the contents of the folder Local license in the folder Craông xã in the default path below was a complete copy and replace:

C:Program FilesANSYS Inc

! If there is no install program in the default path, you must file ansyslmd.ini tệp tin available in the path CrackShared FilesLicensing with Notepad the mặc định path khổng lồ license khổng lồ the OEM switch.

Version Linux also includes two methods above sầu is that the process it in the Readme file to come.

Version 15.0.7:

The two methods, provided that the first method use the License Generator và the second method, the use of the license and the crack is

To vì chưng the first method, first, the file ANSYS 15.0 pháo easing interaction with run as administrator to lớn run. Then the letter Y, type the and Enter the. License fit your computer in the form of a tệp tin with a name license.txt is made. With the use of the software UltraISO or PowerISO or DAEMON Tools, etc., Disc 1, Mount & file thiết lập.exe pháo run. In the window the initial install on Install ANSYS License Manager, cliông xã tools, manage license lớn install. After the end of the installation on the Next button & wait until the window License Wizard is displayed; the option first, & default (default) select the Continue button. Then tệp tin license.txt made in the stage prior lớn the program and several times on the Continue button. After confirming the license and the kết thúc of the work out of the application and in the pages of the initial installation by selecting option Install the ANSYS Products, software required lớn install.

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In the second method, start to lớn install the program & license leads not to lớn install. After installing the two files lượt thích a jungle in the following location copy và replace:

C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared FilesLicensing

If you installed the software in the local non-drive sầu, by default, have it’s address in the tệp tin ansyslmd.ini edit.

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