Game fix / crack: assassin’s creed iv: black flag v1

I've been using Fitgirl's repack of AC Black Flag for a while now. However, I recently bought the game on Uplay. Now I was wondering if I could remove the crachồng files from the repachồng and play the game without downloading the entire game from uplay. Is it possible to lớn remove sầu the crack files và verify integrity through Uplay to lớn play the game legally? If so, which files do I remove?


Im not sure but try this:

Delete the exe pháo (crack) và then use these 2 tutorials:

https://tư vấ

I tried downloading on Uplay & it showed a total tải về of around 25gb . I don't know why. But I don't want khổng lồ tải về that much if I already have most of the game files (I think)

Let us know if what u/rayman3003 suggested works out, it should in theory.

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Also, I hate to be so selfish but since you're going lớn buy the game và your files will be checked và updated by the Uplay service... could I ask for your help?

Feel miễn phí khổng lồ reject this request or even ignore, the only point of it is to lớn fulfill my OCD "hangups".

If you were interested in helping me out, could you kiểm tra the MD5 hashes for your game files and send me a list? I would be able lớn kiểm tra those hashes against my own files và see which ones don't match.

I have a somewhat similar situation to yours except I'm using a custom built OS which currently doesn't fully support clients lượt thích Uplay or Steam or any of the lượt thích.

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Either way, let us know if your problem gets fixed first & if not maybe we can figure something else out.

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I'll be happy lớn help. But first I must see to lớn it that my problem has a proper solution. u/rayman303's solution should help. But it turns out the repaông chồng I have sầu doesn't have sầu the mp files. So this could take a while..

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Also, could you please tell me how to get the md5 hashes? I've sầu never done this before và don't know how to lớn.

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