Bánh Mì is one of the most iconic dishes of Vietnam giới, it represents the French influence in Vietnamese cuisine và continues khổng lồ morph and transform even more in the U.S. Bánh Mì is typically filled with a flavorful protein, then stuffed with pickled daikons, carrots, cumbers, cilantro và chilis – the melding of the different flavors & textures is what makes this sandwich so amazing.

Vietnamese Bánh Mì, which translates lớn “bread” is a airy baguette with a light & crisp crust – it’s quite different from traditional French baguettes which is denser và has a much thicker crust. If you can’t get a hold of Vietnamese Baguettes, Bolillo Rolls or Pão Francês make an excellent substitution. If you can only find French baguettes, I would hollow out the center since it can be quite dense.

This tuna bánh mỳ is one of my favorites and easy to lớn make at trang chính since canned tumãng cầu is used – the addition of a sunny side up egg just brings it over top!





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Vietnamese Tuna và Fried Egg Banh Mi Recipe (Bánh Mì Cá Thu & Trứng ốp la)

April 30, 2021Van
Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Serves: 4 Bánh Mì




2- 5oz canned Tumãng cầu, drained1 Large Shallot, finely chopped1 Garlic Clove, minced2½ Tablespoons Oil½ Teaspoon Sugar¼ Teaspoon Ground Blaông chồng Pepper

Banh Mi Sandwich

4 Vietnamese Baguettes, Bolillo Rolls, Pão Francês4-8 Eggs½ Cup Mayonnaise Cucumbers, thinly sliced and cut lengthwise about 6 inches Cilantro Thinly sliced Jalapeños, Seranos or Tnhì Chilis (optional)



In a pan, add 2½ Tablespoons of Oil và use med-high heat lớn sauxẻ 1 Large Shallot until it starts lớn lightly brown. Add 1 minced Garlic Clove sầu & ¼ Teaspoon Ground Blaông xã Pepper, sauté for 30 seconds. Add ½ Teaspoon Sugar, 1 Tablespoon Maggi Seasoning Sauce, and 2 cans of Tumãng cầu, continue to lớn saubửa for another 2 minutes khổng lồ evenly set và break up the tumãng cầu. Turn off the heat.


Add some oil khổng lồ a non-stiông xã frying pan, fry 4-8 sunny side up or eggs over easy (depends on how many eggs you want khổng lồ add to each bánh mì). Season the eggs with sea salternative text.


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Combine ½ Cup Mayonnaise with 1½ Teaspoons Maggi Seasoning Sauce (you can add some Srirathân phụ for a spicy kick). Lightly toast the Baguette và cut lengthwise so it’s like a hotdog bun (don’t cut all the way through). Add a generous amount of the Mayonnaise và layer the Tumãng cầu, sunny side up Egg, Pickled Daikons & Carrots, sliced Cucumbers, sliced Chilis & Cilantro. Enjoy!

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