Call of duty advanced warfare

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It was in the early seventh generation that Activision revolutionized the action Clip game industry with the release of the fourth version of the call of Duty game series, Gọi of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. had along. These same factors became the basis for the production of this series of games on an annual basis, which is why we see more & more repetitive ideas every year.

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However, sales of each version of the series are fully guaranteed, and the publisher has made no effort lớn bring these games bachồng to the forefront over the years. But Sledgehammer Games Studquả táo took on a new version of the game known as Hotline of Duty: Advanced Warfare và was able lớn give sầu new life to lớn the call of Duty series.


Since the release of Cod4: MW, storytelling has become an integral part of the gọi of Duty game series as quickly và as quickly as possible. This can also be seen in this game, Advanced Warfare has a fast, exciting & shocking story that brings your adrenaline khổng lồ its highest màn chơi with its moment by moment. Also, the presence of a famous actor lượt thích Kevin Spacey in this game added to lớn the excitement lớn the point that the trailer of this game set the record for the most visited trailer on the first day of the history of video clip games.