Como usar o chemdraw

CambridgeSoft"s or PerkinElmer"s ChemOffice software for chemists và biologists provides a suite of scientific and up-to-date intelligent software lớn increase personal productivity and improve sầu decision making. Another version of the company, ChemBioOffice, is also available.

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CambridgeSoft’s or PerkinElmer’s ChemOffice software for chemists và biologists provides a suite of scientific và up-to-date intelligent software khổng lồ increase personal productivity và improve decision making. Another version of the company, ChemBioOffice, is also available.

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The ChemOffice suite and the ChemBioOffice suite comprise the components and sub-programs that we will describe most importantly.

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SciFinder direct search from within the software without spending time on Cut & PasteCut & paste CDXML and moltệp tin text into the Windows clipboard & from the clipboard inlớn the program lớn exchange data with software that can read these formatsBiopolymer toolbar with disulfide và beta-lactam bridges, thử nghiệm acids và D-amino, DNA, RNA, protecting groups và backbonesPeptide Chain, DNS và RNA Paste and Their Chemical Interpretation by Sequencing and ShapingGel Electrophoresis Plate tool provides custom rotation of linear labels, dragging và locating bvà labels, pasting data from Excel và other sources và copy and paste between lines.Calculators for pKa, LogP.. và LogS enable scientists khổng lồ probe bioavailability such as acid dissociation, distribution and aqueous solubility for potential compounds.Set up an automatic dock lớn skết thúc flexible ligands inlớn 3 chiều shapes và compare their fitLaunch CONFLEX lớn explore structured spaces & identify structures with minimum energy for small & large moleculesAn intelligent chemical và biological database manager and tìm kiếm engineCluster analysis helps scientists discover similarities between sets of properties and compounds
ChemDraw ProfessionalChem3DChemFinder UltraBioVizChemDraw for ExcelChemFinder for OfficeCombiChem for ExcelBioDrawChemNMRStruct=NameChemScriptMOPAC Interface for Chem3DAutodoông chồng InterfaceCONFLEX InterfaceGAMESS and GAMESS InterfaceGaussian InterfaceChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Pro
ChemBioDraw UltraChemBio3 chiều UltraChemBioFinder UltraChemBioViz ProChemDraw/Excel ProChemBioFinder for OfficeCombiChem/Excel ProBioDraw UltraChemNMR ProStruct=Name ProChemScript ProMestRe Nova Std/LiteMOPAC Interface for ChemBio3DAutodockCONFLEX InterfaceGAMESS & GAMESS Pro InterfaceGaussian Interface

Get the latest version of the MestReNova tiện ích extensions here; after downloading & extracting, run them with the ứng dụng.

ChemBioOffice for Windows

Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate (32 bit)Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate (64 bit)Windows 8.1 và 8.1 Pro (32 bit)Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Pro (64 bit)Windows 10


Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 (32 and 64 bit)Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x (32 and 64 bit)Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x (32 và 64 bit)Firefox 27 or higherChrome 32 or higher


32 bit OS: 1 GB64 bit OS: 2 GB

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2010Microsoft Office 2013 (32-bit only)


Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher


.Net Framework 4.0

Important Notes

.Net Framework 3.5 is part of the installer and should not be uninstalled.Net Framework 3.5 và 4.0 can operate successfully side-by-side