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Soft NameClickBook
Size21.98 MB
Serial Key

Description“ClickBook”is a powerful application for PC và easy-to-use printing tool that allows users khổng lồ better customize & print your own bookmarks, greeting cards, and files from the network, hard disk and CD-ROM.

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Compared with ordinary printing,ClickBook can save up to lớn 70% of the cost of paper. Software is compatible with Windows32-bit & 64-bit machines, supports the lakiểm tra Windows 7 system. Software supports reverse printing, but also have sầu the booklet in PDF format conversion layer function, but also multi-page print banners and posters, & can print more than 170 kinds of different styles.

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ClickBook 15 easy khổng lồ use, friendly interface, the first run will automatically monitor your printer equipment, kiến thiết of human nature, we might as well try it.

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64-Bit OS Compatible.(Vista and Windows 7)Image removal saves time and expensive sầu ink.Reverse Printing.New ZINE Layout!Updated PDF ConverterImproved Pnhận xét with Magnified Zoom – up lớn 800% & Keyboard shortcuts.Updated Macro SecurityQuichồng Click Printers to lớn instantly print booklets, brochures và pdfs.Vista and Windows 7 Compatible.Instantly e-mail PDF files to lớn family, and friends.Works with any Inkjet or tia laze printer.H& Fed Tray – Now you can use the h& fed tray & the paper drawer with ClickBook.Convert booklets to lớn PDFs.Rearrange print order of each mini-page in a booklet.Print multi-page Banners & Posters.Use 75% less paper with booklet printing!Walks you through double-sided printing.Prints 170+ different styles!Rotates, reduces & realigns documents automatically.Combine files from different applications inkhổng lồ a single printout.Save sầu time và money.One-cliông xã to lớn Add or Delete a Page.Sample documents.One-click booklet printing from Microsoft Office applications.