Adobe illustrator cs5

Building on its professional credentials, Illustrator adds even more features that make drawing richer & easier every day.nhận xét Adobe illustrator CS5

Adobe Illustrator occupies a slightly odd position in its market. On the Mac, its the de faclớn choice for vector illustration, used for everything from logos khổng lồ fine art. PC users have other options, though, including CorelDRAW và Xara Xtreme. To stay ahead at the high end, Illustrator added a number of unique features in CS3 and a new interface in CS4. In CS5 the changes are practical rather than structural: Adobe has made certain tasks easier và provided more tweaks khổng lồ make things look precisely as you want.The innovation that may see the most everyday use is variable width strokes. Drawing lines that vary along their length is one of the abilities that makes modern vector programs more than just technical drawing tools. Previously, there were various ways khổng lồ do this, including drawing with the stylus of a pressure-sensitive graphics tablet & applying various predefined contours, but getting the effect just right could take considerable trial & error. In CS5, you can add width handles at any point along a path to adjust its exact breadth at that point, and most brushes và effects applied lớn it will scale to match. more review in here


Title:Adobe illustrator CS5
File size:1.2GB
Requirements:Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XPhường
Languages:Multiple languages
License:Free to lớn try
Date added:April 30, 2010
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UpdatedUpdate : Download CS6 Version Here
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Adobe illustrator CS5 With Crachồng Serial Number