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Are you looking for Corona Renderer crack?

Dear Potential Customer & fellow Coronaut,

We are glad that you have landed on our page, which means that you probably really like Corona Renderer. But it is also sad because of the fact that you might have sầu been searching for or even already using acracked version of our software.

The craông chồng is out there, & you’ll find it if you are determined – but before you go looking, we want to lớn give you some options:

Why not just simply buy it?

It’s alot less hassle, & you vì not risk infection of your computer with viruses, spyware và other malware which can be commonly disguised as software cracks. You can buy it for as low as 24.99EUR per month, so is acraông chồng really worth the risk? Purchasing also means you receive sầu access to all daily builds, and you will be entitled to receive sầu all the upgrades & new versions from day one!

How about downloading the older không tính phí version – Alpha6 for 3ds Max?

We have sầu an earlier version for 3ds Max available for free, forever, that you can even use commercially. It’s also agreat way to lớn take your time and learn about rendering. Get it here!

Do you need more time khổng lồ test Coromãng cầu Renderer?

Are you not sure if Corona Renderer is the right choice for you? We know that it may take abit more time than the 45–days in the trial for you to fully evaluate Corona Renderer in real production jobs, so we are here to lớn help with that too. We can extkết thúc the evaluation period for you, just let us know.

How about astudent license?

Are you astudent, wanting to learn the professional tools you’ll use when you graduate, but also wanting to lớn earn money now? We’re with you! Please apply for aCoromãng cầu Renderer student license.

Can’t afford the license?

Let us know, tell us your story and we will see how can we help you to lớn stay legal. We are people too.

Why should you buy our software?

Corona Renderer is developed by ayoung but determined company. If you like Coromãng cầu Renderer & find it useful please pay us for our hard work, it helps us to move sầu forward. You can try it for free lớn see if you think it is worth your money.

Whatever method you choose, when you pay for Coromãng cầu Renderer you aren’t funding some fat cat’s swimming pool – you’re investing in Corona’s future (& yours). It’s money that you get bachồng in the size of improvements to speed & features, delivered khổng lồ you in atimely manner.

We love sầu what we do, and that’s why we vày it. You love sầu what we vày too, and that’s why you want our software by any means necessary. Help us to lớn keep doing what we both love sầu – give one of the above options atry before hunting down acracked version.

Thanks for understanding, và thanks for your support. It’s really appreciated!

Corona Renderer Crew


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“… if we kill the dev there would be nothing to lớn craông xã.”

We want khổng lồ talk openly about the effect that cracked versions have on our company, & on the sản phẩm you love – Corona Renderer.

Most companies don’t share their sales information, & that leaves the impact of piracy like a“he–said–she–said” argument, with no facts to lớn tư vấn either side. If you know anything about us as acompany, then you’ll know we lượt thích do things differently – so we’re going khổng lồ cốt truyện information that other companies keep quiet about.

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It’s frequently said that those who use cracked software don’t count as lost sales, as those were people who would never have bought the software anyway. Or it’s said that acracked version acts as great advertising for the product and increases sales, exposing it lớn more potential buyers.

The data we have shows otherwise, though.

When Corona 1.1 was released in 2015, acracked version followed within weeks. We did see the same number of demo users converting to lớn paid licenses after the crack was in the wild, but we also saw a25% drop in our revenue right as the cracked version hit the net. Alarge part of this was through cancelled subscriptions – actual existing customers dropping paid subscription plans.

That directly contradicts the two often–quoted arguments about using cracked versions, that users of cracked versions would never be apaying customer anyway, and that it acts as great advertising for the sản phẩm.

Imagine what changes you’d have sầu khổng lồ make khổng lồ your life if your income dropped by 25% in the space of afew weeks. For us as acompany, that was the loss of money we had intended khổng lồ use lớn hire an additional two developers for other plugins and acertain smaller application related to lớn Coromãng cầu Renderer that we had in the works.

This shows there was avery real impact on you, our users – aphối of plugins & arelated application got delayed, và no–one got to lớn use them whether they were apaying customer or not, all as adirect consequence of acracked version being available.

Other companies may be afraid khổng lồ cốt truyện that kind of information, but we want to let you know exactly how this affects us – và as aresult, how it affects you.

We vày underst&, và even agree with, some of the xúc tích behind people turning to cracked versions. Our solution isn’t khổng lồ preach, take out lawsuits, or introduce physical dongles that punish legitimate users as much (or more!) than someone using acracked version – our solution is khổng lồ address the pricing concerns that people face in the first place.

Few companies these days keep an earlier version available at no charge, few companies make their current version available for as long as 45 days with no restriction on the tools or what you vì with them, và few companies let you use an educational license to take on commercial work – but we do, as we underst& the challenges of today’s financial climate, và the differences in income across the globe.

We’re fighting the same battle as those who make cracked versions – that is, lớn make professional, high–over tools available lớn as many people as possible, whether they are hobbyists, students or industry pros, & whether they come from ahigh–salary part of the world or not.

The only difference is that we want to win that battle in away that keeps Corona Renderer growing & improving.

We know for some, cracking software is just what they bởi vì và we won’t change their minds, as for them it’s about the challenge regardless of the pricing. However, we know most of you want to lớn be legitimate users, able lớn take on your own paid work from legitimate clients either now or in the future, và we want khổng lồ make that possible for you.

As alast note, we’d also like to say that we are in this job because we love doing it. We love sầu seeing the work you create with the tools we put into your hands! That’s why we make Coromãng cầu.

The simple truth is that legitimate licensing is the only thing that allows us khổng lồ keep improving Corona Renderer – so give sầu us your support in revolutionizing access lớn high–kết thúc rendering.

We’re always happy khổng lồ talk with you about your situation và thoughts on pricing, licensing và accessibility khổng lồ our sản phẩm, so let us know what you think. Understanding what makes people turn lớn cracked versions is important for us to lớn know if we’re khổng lồ make sure Corona is aproduct that you’d rather pay for than crachồng, so feel không tính phí to lớn get in touch!