Driver easy pro 5

Driver Easy Pro

An application that you can use lớn locate missing drivers & tải về them on your computer. Once you initiate the program with a user-friendly interface, you can view system information that focuses on the machine, operating system, RAM, processors, and motherboard. But you can also view data about hardware, such as video cards, monitors, hard disks, network cards, và audio cards.

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What’s new?Improved the translations for different languages, such as Danish and SpanishMade some slight changes to the interface, such as the color shades of the buttons, feature descriptions, etc.Fixed some minor bugs such as being unable to save sầu proxy settings


Huge Driver Database: Supported by over 8,000,000 Driver Database with Daily Driver Updates, keeps all drivers in your computer up-to-date so that lớn maximize PC performance. With Driver Easy, you never need khổng lồ worry about installing an incorrect or out-of-date driver, the database ensures you always get the lathử nghiệm official driver.Keep Existing Drivers Up-to-Date, Fix Driver Issues: Using Driver Easy, you would never have sầu to lớn spkết thúc hours trying to lớn find drivers at random sites on the Internet. DriverEasy just takes several minutes khổng lồ update all drivers in your computer. Driver Easy is designed for saving your time and fixing any related headabịt driver issues.

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Safety Offline Scan: Driver Easy Pro provides you safety Offline Scan for offline computers. Lets you save a driver analysis tệp tin on a computer without an Internet connection & helps you lớn download the driver from an Internet-enabled computer. The Offline Scan feature provides you an easy & fast way to locate the most accurate network driver for your computer.Uninstall Removed Hardware Driver: When you replace the new graphic card, bởi you know Windows still keep the current driver và will launch it each time when Windows startup. This will cause the system lớn boot up slowly, và what’s worst, it may cause systems conflict. Driver Uninstall feature in DriverEasy Pro allows you khổng lồ uninstall the removed hardware & clean up your system.

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Technical Customer Support: Technical Customer Support provides further assistance khổng lồ assist customers regarding driver issues. The support group would analyze complex situations & find a solution fast for you. Every inquiry you make is guaranteed lớn be replied lớn soon by our technical tư vấn.Screenshots