Sound forge pro 11

Sony Sound Forge Pro 11, Prof. Digital Audio Production Suite — Sony Sound Forge Pro 11, Professional Digital Audio Production Suite: Sound Forge Pro 11 from Sony Creative Software is an audio production suite that provides audio editors & producers complete control over all aspects of audio editing & mastering. The suite provides all the tools necessary for recording và mastering, sound kiến thiết, audio restoration, & Red Book CD creation, making the software an essential addition for both studio và remote location work.Features:• Supports 24-bit and 32-bit/64-bit float 192 kHz files• Edit mono, stereo, & multichannel audio files (up to lớn 32 channels)• Over đôi mươi real-time DirectX plug-ins• Multichannel file editing & processing• Real-time editing và processing• Automated time-based recording• ASIO driver support• Customizable keyboard mapping• DirectX audio plug-in support• VST audio effect support• Video and AVI support• Unlimited undo/revì chưng levels• Drag-and-drop editing between channels• Integrated disc-at-once CD burning• Full tư vấn for 4GB + files• And much, much more…New features:• New customizable window layouts• New default fade types• New tabbed user interface• New performance optimizations• New event-based editing• New musical instrument file processing• New metadata windows• Enhanced Broadcast Wave sầu Format (.bwf) support• New filters and DirectX plug-ins• Integrated disc-at-once CD burningEffects• New! Includes Mastering Effects Bundle 2 powered by iZotope• New! Zplane élastique Pro timestretch & pitch shift DirectX® plug-in• New! Resonant Filter plug-in• VST plug-in effect support• DirectX® plug-in effects automation• DirectX Plug-in Manager• Real-time effects previewing• Modeless audio Plug-In Chainer• Wet/dry mix và crossfade options• Acoustic Mirror environment simulator• Amplitude Modulation• Chorus• Distortion• Delay/Emang lại (Simple and Multi-Tap)• Graphic Dynamics• Multi-B& Dynamics• Envelope• Flange/Wah-Wah/Phaser• Gapper/Snipper• Noise Gate• Pitch Bend/Shift• Reverb• Vibrato• Wave sầu Hammer Compressor/Volume Maximizer

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