Is there a way to crack the password on an excel vba project?

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out a previous employee has used passwords to lớn protect an Excel tệp tin, and it turns out nobody toàn thân else knows the password. Or maybe it’s worse when it’s your tệp tin, your password và you’ve sầu forgotten it. Either way… you’re stuffed! However, before you give sầu in, let me nói qua some ideas on how to crack Excel passwords with VBA.Download the example fileI recommover you tải về the example tệp tin for this post. Then you’ll be able to work along with examples and see the solution in action, plus the tệp tin will be useful for future reference.Download IconDownload the file: 0012 Remove sầu passwords.zipDid the download remove the worksheet, workbook, or VBA protection from your Excel file? If it did… why not buy me a coffee khổng lồ say “Thanks”