Valve sầu has released a new update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which signifies an increased craông chồng down in dealing with griefers on the ladder. If players get reported for griefing Valve will now sanction them faster with warning and even bans.

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Release Notes for today are up. We’re shipping updates to lớn griefing reports và how those are acted on, Dreams và Nightmare submissions may be tagged on the Workcửa hàng, và Pitstop and Mothân phụ have sầu received updates:

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The change should make sure that players actively sabotaging their teams will get punished. Be it flashing team mates on purpose, buying Negevs lớn run down mid or other way of ruining the game for others.While some players are worried that mass reporting could be abused the new algorithm by Valve sầu is stated to lớn only consider “unusually high” amount of reportings to lớn act upon.

Hopefully this change leads khổng lồ a better environment around CS:GO servers.

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Image Credits: Valve

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