Mirillis action! 4

Download Mirillis Action Full Version 4.15.1 – Whenever you want lớn record your gaming activity and upload it to lớn youtube, then you need this application. Mirillis knows anything about screen recording, start from performance, stability, and output. You can easily record gameplay in HD or even 4K, and it also has lossless quality export algorithm. With its simple and elegant user interface, you will be surprised by its advanced features & tools.

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Furthermore, you can also record videos from websites and any other applications in real-time. It allows khổng lồ record videos from defined display region, selected application window or even fullscreen mode. Moreover, there is also a features lớn record videos from any website player, no matter which Clip service you are using.

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Anything can be possible with this simple screen recording application.

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Mirillis Action screen recorder supports a wide variety of đoạn phim recordings và supports 2K, 3K, 4K for individual screens. It supports more than 8 popular formats, such as AVI, MP4 and MOV. Videos recorded with AVI 2.0 or MP4. Afterward it will be converted with H.264 or H.265 codec. Therefore, you can get smaller file kích cỡ with better đoạn phim chất lượng. However, for you who wants to lớn record 3 chiều VR game, there is also features to lớn record gameplay with format resolution up to lớn 8192 × 8192, surpassing the recording attributes of more contemporary movies. Get the latest Mirillis kích hoạt Full Version for your PC Windows now.


Mirillis Action Screen Recorder Full Features

Ultimate chất lượng on screen captureSet the number of frames needed to lớn shootPossibility khổng lồ take a screenshotEasy đoạn Clip tutorial creationRecording instant web videos, recording whatever you see.Take out the output of your recordings in popular formats & devicesUpload on youtube or facebookPutting sound on videos liveRecord everything you hear on your computerEasy playbaông chồng of recorded videosCompatible with different formats in storageUse the lathử nghiệm technology in the softwareHigh quality audio in the softwareManage và edit videos and photos providedSupport for GPUs and multi-core CPUs for faster speeds

How khổng lồ Install Mirillis Action 4.15.1 Full Version

Download Mirillis kích hoạt Full VersionTurn off your antivi khuẩn và Windows DefenderRun thiết lập.exe cộ to start the installationBefore activation, delete the following 3 folders: C:ProgramDataMirillis C:Users–User Name–AppDataLocalMirillis C:Users–User Name–AppDataRoamingMirillismở cửa the Loader folder, copy the Action_Loader.exe file to the folder C:Program FilesMirillisActionTo run the application, you must use the Loader.exe tệp tin that was copied!Enjoy brother!

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