Proshow producer 7 serial key

Photodex ProShow Producer 7.0.3527 (36.10 Mb) is a software to lớn create professional presentations, which contains hundreds of new features và an updated interface. You can work with layers, you can use an unlimited number of layers khổng lồ any slide. The program supports transparency for files PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF, makes it possible to use a mask layer, transition effects, gradient fills or fill color.

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Photos used in the presentation, you can edit, & address them with tools such as sharpen, change the contrast và color saturation. The presentation may contain signatures, including animation, & background music. The finished project can be saved in one of fourteen formats, including HD Video, Flash và QuickTime.

Aparatno acceleration visualization:

ProShow 6 uses the graphics processor (GPU) to lớn accelerate the playbaông xã of the presentation.This allows more convenient khổng lồ create presentations with high resolution, including the resolution of Full HD.Which reduces image distortion caused by changes in resolution when imaging and scaling.And, of course, reduces jitter and jerky playback continuously balance the load between the CPU and graphics processor.In addition, the system will automatically disable hardware acceleration in older systems, or if the hardware acceleration is not supported.

Horizontal và vertical angle (angle of view):

Add a perspective sầu effect khổng lồ the layer.Independent control of horizontal & vertical tilt.Use keyframes to lớn create complex effects with a slope.Use the tilt by dragging the icon, centered around the edge of each layer.Precise control of the slope with the help of scroll bars, và the edit field.Management types of motion (such as slope accelerates or decelerates).Copy the slope parameter between keyframes, layers and slides.Adding a modifier lớn the value tendencies.

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New effects manager:

The effect of the new manager (Tools> Manage effect) replace the window management styles & transitions.Management, development và implementation of a single window effect.Applying Styles slides into lớn a number of selected slides.Topics management wizard without opening the presentation.Imports number of styles, transitions, & at one time.Increased import allows to lớn resolve sầu conflicts for all files rather than press “OK” for each of them.Facilitate enhanced exports to lớn specify the folder when you export some items.Export và import wizards presentation.To show or hide a number of styles & transitions chosen at a time.Creating styles and transitions directly from the control effect.Easy khổng lồ show or hide elements of a few clicks.Various sizes of the window allows you to see the effect more on the big screen.

Improved presentation Wizard:

New automatic cấp độ dynamic presentations forcing music and nội dung khổng lồ over at the same time.New functionality changes (Remix) allows you to lớn open the selected slide (or whole presentation) in the wizard to change them.Better support for square images facilitate the use of photographs of services, such as Instagram.

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Excel file collection presentations:

Collection presentation tệp tin now ensure that the presentation will be saved before you begin.After collecting ProShow provides a choice between opening reconvene presentation or return to lớn the original presentation.Improved collection system will now be nội dung remaining unused references (for example, a hidden background và watermark).Note: For successful activation during installation, remove the antivirus.

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