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The bestsoftwarefor making the most simple, most productive sầu và most profitable CNC software for the Salid Verks software.SolidCAMsoftware isan exceptional & guaranteed standard software that is associated with CAM engineering with SolidWorks software.This software provides a collection of the best construction classes inside SolidWorks, and 2.5-millimeter milling processes, 3-D milling, HSM, 4-axis milling, 5-millimeter millimeter, milling, Milling machines up lớn 5 axis & Wirecát support.This application can be installed on the Salid Verks 2012-2015.

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Keyfeatures ofSolidCAMsoftware:- Integrate fully with SolidWorks software- With unlimited upgrades- Full associativity khổng lồ the kiến thiết model- Full simulation of parts, templates, cutters và machines- Support for 2.5-millimeter milling processes, 3-D Millwork, High Speed ​​Machine (HSM), 4-axis milling mills - Support for 5-millimeter milling, milling, milling mills up khổng lồ 5 axles, và wire ropes- Can be installed on the Salternative text Vertex 2012-năm ngoái. ..

SolidCAM- CAD / CAM system developed by a new generation of Israeli firm SolidCAM Ltd (official distributor in Russia - Consistent Software).This system is a complete solution for automating the production of metal.Using a wide range of proposed strategies, SolidCAM machining process can be completed in a short time khổng lồ prepare the necessary set of CNC machining products.
Functionality SolidCAMSupport for 64bit computing by having a special version for SW 64bit2.5-axis millingSolidCAM provides high efficiency & precision of the 2.5-axis milling parts.Supports different strategies for handling items such as contour, sampling (including islands) và groove sầu, as well as various types of hole machining: drilling, reaming, threading, etc.The system has a wide range of features of 2.5-axis machining of analytic surfaces.

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3-axis millingSolidCAM provides a wide range of tools that can be effectively used for the treatment of products with complex geometry (dies, molds) và prismatic parts.As a geometry of 3-axis machining using a three-dimensional surface or solid model.The system supports various types of strategies for roughing và finishing, such as RIPhường. to lớn the specified or automatically determined by the angle of raster processing of equidistant, projection processing, handling at the waterline, etc.In addition lớn the listed capacity 2.5 - & 3-axis machining, SolidCAM provides tools to identify & refine areas not treated in previous transitions.You can create a database of standard processes.Once created, a parameterized process can be reused in the future, which significantly reduces pre-production, improves the reliability of the developed software, unifies the technological development style, ensures that only the best technologies for processing & manufacturing ensures the independence of the human factor.Laông chồng zarezany guaranteed availability of funds control và visualization of machining.Multi-processingSolidCAM provides various means of creating control programs of the multi-processing of 4-and 5-axis machining centers.The model is phối in a user-plane processing, after which the system automatically calculates all necessary parameters for displacement và rotation of zero items.As a result, it significantly reduces set-closing transition time & increases accuracy.

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Lathes and millingSolidCAM has many features to lớn automate the creation of programs for turning and turning và milling.SolidCAM supports various types of tools that allow you to effectively perform longitudinal turning, facing, grooving, etc.In addition, SolidCAM automatically performs roughing and finishing of complex contours.Support rotating tool allows you to lớn perform milling và drilling transitions lớn their processing centers.Electrical discharge machiningThe SolidCAM Wire EDM allows the processing of external and internal constants of constant & variable angle.The possibility of 4-axis machining.Special algorithm to lớn prevent the fall of the treated material.SolidCAM provides user control of the physical trajectory of the wire
- SolidWorks 2012-năm 2016 - 64bit only- Microsoft® Windows 10 x64 Professional and Enterprise Editions;Microsoft® Windows 8.1 x64 Professional & Enterprise Editions (with the latest Service Pack);Microsoft® Windows 7 x64 Professional and Ultimate Editions (with the lathử nghiệm service pack)- Intel® Xeon ™, Intel® Vi xử lý Core ™, Intel® Vi xử lý Core ™ 2 Duo, Intel® Vi xử lý Core ™ 2 Quad or higher (If you use other processors we assume no Responsiveness and no support)- 4 GB RAM (for processing large components, we recommover 8 GB RAM (or more)- 15 GB không tính phí hard disk space for installation- Hard disk with at least 100 GB of storage- NVIDIA® graphics thẻ of the current Quadro series with min.512 MB (1024 MB recommended) và current, certified graphics driver (with the use of other & on-board graphics cards)- 1,280 x 1,024 or higher resolution resolution- Microsoft® Direct3D 9® or compatible graphics thẻ (Microsoft® Direct3 chiều 11® or higher recommended)