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Support for 60p, 4K, and 3 chiều ProjectsUnlimited Video và Audio TracksNative Support for Popular File FormatsImport/Export Most Popular Project Files
Sony Vegas Pro 12 Edit (Download with Activation Card) provides you with an activation card featuring a serial number và instructions for activating a download of Sony Vegas Pro 12 Edit. You can tải về & use a miễn phí trial in the meantime và activate it for permanent use once the card arrives. Any projects you work on in the miễn phí trial will remain upon permanent activation.

1Description2Support for 60p, 4K, và 3 chiều Projects3Native sầu Support for Popular File Formats4Import/Export Most Popular Project Files5Smart Proxy Workflow6Video Effects and Compositing7System Wide Media Management8Media Tagging and Smart Bins9Optimized for 64-bit Operating Systems10Comprehensive sầu Input/Output đầu ra Support11Updated Project Media View12Bezier, Shape and FX Masking Tools13Comprehensive S-log Workflow14Panasonic P2 Support15User Interface Enhancements16Màu sắc Match17HDCAM SR (SStP) Mastering1864-bit Audio Plug-ins19Vertical Docking Windows20Render Progress & Completion Indicators21GPU Acceleration & OpenFX Enhancements

Sony Vegas Pro 12 Edit (Download with Activation Card) provides you with an activation card featuring a serial number and instructions for activating a tải về of Sony Vegas Pro 12 Edit. You can tải về và use a miễn phí trial in the meantime and activate it for permanent use once the card arrives. Any projects you work on in the không tính tiền trial will remain upon permanent activation. Vegas Pro 12 Edit features the same powerful video clip editing capabilities as Vegas Pro 12 but removes the disc authoring components lớn create a more cost-effective sầu package. With support for 60p, 4K, và 3D projects, unlimited video clip & audio tracks, an intuitive 64-bit environment, & native support for nearly any tệp tin formats, Vegas Pro 12 Edit is a powerful và professional post production platsize. The new "Project Interchange" feature enables Vegas Pro 12 Edit lớn import & export a wide range of project files, including Avid Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X (export only), DaVinci Resolve sầu 8, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, và After Effects CS6.The Smart Proxy Workflow can automatically & dynamically switch from original to proxy based on the PReviews playbachồng settings. Expanded Edit Mode can be accessed quickly by double clicking a cut or transition in order to view unused truyền thông before and after the edit point. System-wide truyền thông management, media tagging, and Smart Bins make file management a breeze & will facilitate a more efficient workflow from beginning khổng lồ kết thúc.

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Supports 1080p at 24, 25, & 30 frames per second, plus 4K và 60p. Vegas Pro 12 software natively supports frame sizes up khổng lồ 4096 x 4096. In addition khổng lồ working with these emerging standards, Vegas Pro 12 provides the ability to import, adjust, edit, pđánh giá, and output stereoscopic 3 chiều truyền thông, using industry-standard professional delivery formats including single or dual files with side-by-side, top/bottom, or line-alternate encoding. Anaglyphic monitoring and output are also supported. Stereoscopic Auto-Pairing allows bulk pairing of stereoscopic 3 chiều sub-clips on the timeline, with the ability to automatically pair stereoscopic 3 chiều truyền thông media using the 3 chiều Link feature.
Sony Vegas Pro can open and save sầu most popular file formats. A brief and by no means exhaustive sầu danh sách includes AVCHD, H.264, RED .r3d, Sony/Panasonic MXF, RAW photos, PSD, PNG, TIFF, WMA, WMV, AA3, AAF, MOV, MP3, MP4, và more. Plus, Vegas Pro 12 improves on its ground-breaking "no transcode, no re-wrap" heritage by adding native sầu format tư vấn for Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra & DVCPRO source material. By eliminating the transcode and re-wrap process required by some competitors, Vegas Pro 12 users can save sầu valuable production time, minimize storage requirements, & preserve sầu the pristine chất lượng of the original source material.
Sony Vegas Pro 12 can import & export a wide range of project files. The built-in software can convert between the native sầu .veg file & AAF for Avid ProTools, XML for Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X (export only), and DaVinci Resolve sầu 8, and .prproj for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6.
Create high-performance, edit-friendly Smart Proxy clips in the Project Media view, lớn achieve sầu faster playback on a wider variety of hardware. Media will automatically và dynamically switch from original lớn proxy based on the Previews playbaông chồng settings. To ensure optimum unique, original truyền thông media files will be used for the final render.
Vegas Pro 12 is a full-featured compositing and effects application. Combine up khổng lồ 32 effects per Effects Chain and apply them at the Event, Trachồng, Media, or Project cấp độ. Parent-Child tracks & sophisticated 2D and 3D compositing modes create a flexible effects environment, with an advanced plug-in architecture based on OpenFX for hundreds of optional effects from leading visual effects plug-in developers. Import layered Photoshop files with each layer on its own traông xã to create custom keyframeable motion graphics sequences và overlays. Work in 8-bit mode for tốc độ or 32-bit floating point mode for optimal color processing precision.
Vegas Pro 12 software contains extensive capture, import, và export support for video & audio devices. The integrated Device Explorer enables you to quickly browse the files on a connected camcorder and transfer only those needed for the project. Vegas Pro 12 also supports legacy tape-based formats, with full "print khổng lồ tape" functionality. For XDCAM Optical customers, the XDCAM Explorer provides a complete & extensive sầu proxy workflow with metadata tư vấn. HDCAM SR encoding is now available in Vegas Pro 12, for extremely high-chất lượng mastering và archiving.
Quickly categorize your media with customizable tags. A Media Tag can be applied khổng lồ the entire clip or khổng lồ a region of a clip. As each clip is tagged, it will automatically be organized into lớn appropriately named Media Bins. Quiông xã Search enables instant filtering of media based on a single text field. The Search Media dialog facilitates more complex searches using multiple conditions, & makes the bins it creates "smart." Smart Bins will update automatically if any media tags are changed or if new truyền thông media gets added that matches the tìm kiếm criteria.
64-bit operating systems are the best choice for high-end performance, especially when working with demanding HD, 3D, 2K, and 4K content. By focusing exclusively on 64-bit operating systems, Vegas Pro 12 overcomes many of the limitations of legacy 32-bit software/hardware architecture. Optimizing exclusively for today"s 64-bit systems will enable users khổng lồ enjoy superior performance and improved stability for memory-intensive projects & formats.
Professional editors can use an SDI or HDXiaoMi MI connection with a line-alternate 3 chiều display khổng lồ deliver a high-over pĐánh Giá experience. Vegas Pro 12 software provides tư vấn for industry-leading stereoscopic 3 chiều formats. In addition, audio monitoring can be routed to the SDI output of a supported AJA or Blackmagic Design video clip preview device. Vegas Pro 12 also features tư vấn for external control surfaces and Genloông xã control for synchronizing AJA đoạn Clip device output khổng lồ a reference signal.

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The updated Vegas Pro Explorer now features a Thumbnail View, and supports Windows Libraries including My Songs, My Videos, & My Pictures. Auto-text fill & breadcrumb control similar to Windows Explorer lets you quickly navigate lớn previous directories on your system. Using CTRL+ the mouse wheel scales the thumbnail images for added image detail during browsing. Thumbnails are now optimized for 16:9, and truyền thông that is a different aspect ratio than the project will appear letter-boxed or side-pillared. A more prominent border around the thumbnails clearly highlights selected clips. Right-clicking on the thumbnail & selecting Select Timeline Events locates the clip on the timeline, where you can use Ctrl+ to move sầu between selected events.
The Vegas Pro Bezier Masking Tool is powerful & accurate, but for masking simple shapes the new rectangle/square và oval/circle Masking Tools make it easy lớn mask portions of the media by drawing the desired shape over the appropriate areas. FX Masking allows users lớn mask an effect rather than just the image itself. This is particular useful for quickly blurring or pixelating an area of a video clip clip, khổng lồ hide a hình ảnh sản phẩm, license plate, or a person"s face.
Using OpenColorIO công nghệ developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks, Vegas Pro 12 supports S-log via the Academy Màu sắc Encoding System (ACES) color space standard. Vegas Pro 12 is an end-to-end S-log solution, with the ability to lớn apply the appropriate LUT (Look-up Table) during the editing process, based on the display device and the creative goals of the production team. The edited project can be encoded khổng lồ a wide range of formats, using ACES-defined color space standards as well as other popular non-ACES standards.
Multiple UI updates will help new users become familiar with Vegas Pro và improve the editing experience for current Vegas Pro users. Included in the Enhancements: a new Toolbar Icon for Splitting, a yellow border that outlines the most recently added clip on the timeline, large xanh handles on timeline events make it easier lớn grab the various interactive sầu sự kiện modifiers, and more comprehensive tool tips, describing not just the name of the tool but also what the tool does.
Match colors between clips in the L*a*b* color space. The Màu sắc Match plug-in offers several options to lớn capture the desired Màu sắc Data. Choose a prephối from the Preset drop-down menu or use the Image Source controls to lớn choose the image you want lớn match. "Use Trimmer Image" copies the image from the Trimmer window, while "Browse for Image" lets you navigate to lớn an image file on your system drive sầu. You can also copy the source image to lớn the clipboard in another application then clichồng the "Paste from Clipboard" button in the Color Match plug-in. "Clip from Screen" causes the cursor khổng lồ change khổng lồ a crosshair so you can capture a portion of your screen for Color Matching.
Encode lớn all flavors of the HDCAM SR mastering format, including the 2đôi mươi Mbps SR Lite and the 880 Mbps SR 444. HDCAM SR is a very high-quality recording & mastering format based on MPEG-4 SStPhường (Simple Studio Profile). A full range of format templates are included, & the rendered MXF files are compatible with HDCAM SR camcorders, VTRs, và SR Memory solid state recording devices.
Previously, a number of Sound Forge Pro audio plug-ins were available only as 32-bit versions & could only be used in the 32-bit edition of Vegas Pro. These plug-ins have been updated for compatibility with Vegas Pro 12, which is a 64-bit native application. The updated software includes the four Noise Reduction 2.0 plug-ins (Audio Restoration, Clichồng and Crackle Removal, Clipped Peak Restoration, and Noise Reduction), along with Acoustic Mirror, Zplane élastique Pro timestretch, và Wave Hammer.
Experience added flexibility in your window layouts with vertical docking windows in the window docking area and floating docks.
Render progress is now displayed in the Windows taskbar. A user-definable sound is played upon the completion of a render. The mặc định sound is the Windows chime.

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Take advantage of the system"s GPU lớn improve sầu the timeline performance & rendering speeds when Titles và Text clips are used in a project. The OpenFX extension for GPU rendering using OpenGL textures, allowing third-tiệc ngọt OpenFX plug-ins that use OpenGL khổng lồ leverage the power of the GPU more effectively within the Vegas Pro OpenCL architecture. Also on-screen position controls to the Video PĐánh Giá. Updates lớn the OpenFX Properties UI have created much better use of the screen real estate by making the slider control area wider và reducing the kích thước of the numeric field space.
In the BoxSony Vegas Pro 12 Edit (Download with Activation Card)Activation Card with Serial Number

User Manual

8.7 MB

Table of Contents
DescriptionSupport for 60p, 4K, and 3D ProjectsNative sầu Support for Popular File FormatsImport/Export Most Popular Project FilesSmart Proxy WorkflowVideo Effects & CompositingSystem Wide Media ManagementMedia Tagging and Smart BinsOptimized for 64-bit Operating SystemsComprehensive sầu Input/đầu ra SupportUpdated Project Media ViewBezier, Shape and FX Masking ToolsComprehensive S-log WorkflowPanasonic P2 SupportUser Interface EnhancementsMàu sắc MatchHDCAM SR (SStP) Mastering64-bit Audio Plug-insVertical Docking WindowsRender Progress và Completion IndicatorsGPU Acceleration & OpenFX Enhancements
Supported File FormatsOpens: AA3, AAF, AIF, ASF, AU, AVC, AVCHD, AVI, BMPhường, BWF, CDA, DIG, DLX, DPX, DV, EXR, FLAC, GIF, H.264, HDPhường, IVC, JPEG, M2T, M2TS, MVC, MOV, Sony MXF (XDCAM & HDCAM SR), MP3, MP4, M4A, MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 video clip, MPO, OGG, OMA, Panasonic MXF (DVCPRO, AVC-Intra) PCA, PNG, PSD, QT, R3 chiều, SFA, SND, TIFF, TGA, VOX, W64, WAV, WDPhường, WMA, WMVSaves: AA3, AC3, AIF, ATRAC, AVC, AVCHD, AVI, DPX, EXR, FLAC, H.264, HDPhường, MOV, MP3, MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 video clip, MP4, M2T, Sony MXF (XDCAM and HDCAM SR), MVC, OGG, PCA, W64, WAV, WMA, WMV

Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Vista 64-bit SP2, Windows 7 64-bit, or Windows 8 64-bit
CPU2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D)
Hard Drive Space500 MB hard-disk space for program installation
Memory4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
GPU512 MB GPU memory
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM, or DVD camcorders)DVD-ROM drive sầu (for installation from a DVD only)OHCI-compatible IEEE-1394DV thẻ (for DV và HDV Du lịch capture & print-to-tape)
General RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 3.51 (included on application disc)Apple QuickTime 7.1.6 or later for reading & writing QuickTime filesInternet Connection (for Gracenote MusicID Service)GPU-accelerated video processing & rendering require an OpenCL-supported NVIDIA, AMD/ATI, or Hãng Intel GPU with 512MB memory or more. (please see the GPU acceleration page for more detailed specifications and driver requirements)