Stata 12 full crack version

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» trang chủ » Resources và support » Software updates » Keeping 12 up to lớn date

Keeping 12 up to date

Update within

If you are using 12, and you have a direct Internet connection, type update query in, & will tell you if there are updates & what lớn vày next. See update in the Base Reference Manual for more information.

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If you vày not have access lớn the Internet from within, see below. If you are not using 12, click on the appropriate version:

Update without Internet access within

Type about in và note the "Revision" date. If you see a date earlier than "23 Jan 2014", you need khổng lồ update Also make note of your platsize và whether it is 64-bit or 32-bit. Download the appropriate file for your operating system & follow the instructions below.

Windows (64-bit)
Operating system Update file
Windows (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit) khoinghiepbartender.com12update_linux64.tar
Linux (32-bit) khoinghiepbartender.com12update_linux32.tar
Solaris khoinghiepbartender.com12update_solaris.tar

Extract the file you downloaded khổng lồ a temporary location on your system.

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After you have sầu extracted it, you will have sầu one of the following directories on your system with several files in it:


Type db update in & browse lớn the extracted update directory. Cliông chồng OK & follow any instructions you are given.

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After installing the updates, you can remove sầu the downloaded update file & files you extracted from it.