Gta iv download for pc (crack cpy+direct download) full version

After very successful GTA San Andreas, which also had really positive opinions, there comes the fourth, official part of cult series of computer games. The huge realism started by the previous part was something the fans of the mafia underworld liked, so they were encouraged to lớn try out the fourth edition. You can also kiểm tra it with the use of Grand Theft Aukhổng lồ IV Download mirrors & return to the dangerous world full of crime. This time we personate Niko Belic, the citizen of Eastern Europe, who decides lớn migrate lớn the US. Not easy way ends up on clashing with the world our character wasn’t expected. Try khổng lồ personate hlặng and accompany hlặng through the difficulties while trying to lớn organize his new, criminal life. Rating 8,7.

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Developer and Publisher: Rockstar GamesSeries: Grvà Theft AutoEngine: RAGEPlatforms: Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360PC Release date: 2 December 2008Modes: Single-player, multiplayerLanguage: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish + unofficial: Polish, Czech, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Turkish

GTA 4 Download – PC Full Version Game


How to install? Tutorial – Step by Step:

It begins… with the family…

The family is probably the last motif the player would expect to lớn see while playing the newest part of GTA series. And yet! The first employer of our anh hùng is his cousin, who managed khổng lồ migrate earlier on, và as it turns out, he ruled his relative with a promise of giant dough just because she needed a help. That’s how the storyline shapes, và of course it won’t be linear. The player gets to know local gangs và receive sầu new employers for more và more serious crimes. It begins really innocent but with the development of the storyline, the character is involved in more serious crimes. He becomes cleverer criminal to the moment when he completely settles in the United States, although not in the way he really wanted.

Even more realism?

In the game there is a chance to use mobile phone. The player uses it not only to lớn call and answer phones from the employers. The telephone in Liberty City is also used to send pictures và search the alternate version of the Internet created for the purpose of the game! So, with the use of phone we also change the mode inlớn multiplayer.

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Get GTA 4 PC Download to lớn see how the graphics changed. Now the player can hope for realistic special effects, fog, smoke, detailed animations of the passers-by, and great modelling of the New York Buildings.

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trò chơi mechanics

Except for advanced multiplayer mode, it doesn’t change much. The player, as usual, uses the cars but this time lớn the rich range of possibilities (driving the car, taxi, motorcycle, xe đạp, boat, swimming, flying the plane & helicopter) we can also add the railway. The player has khổng lồ move around Liberty City, which was mapped on Thủ đô New York, a lot, so he can get khổng lồ know the area. In the clashes, he uses the various weapons, & employers often mix hlặng meetings in many points of the thành phố, where your enemies will be waiting for you. We cannot forget about pursuits with policemen và enemies of other gangs. As usual, there are many interactions waiting for us. Get the game through Grand Theft Auto IV không tính tiền Download liên kết lớn steal, kill, demolish streets, as well as enter complex interactions with others without any limitations.

Opinions versus expectations

After phenomenal previous part, San Andreas that is, the fourth edition had a tough nut khổng lồ craông xã. It had to lớn pass a very high bar phối by the predecessor. The players were thinking what else can be improved in GTA. Fortunately for them, the game appeared to lớn be really successful and it gained a lot of high notes. If you liked previous part, you should definitely take a look at GTA 4 Free Download because you will not be disappointed. You should also try multiplayer mode, which lets you play with your allies or play against enemies in a quite real way, while moving on huge, criminal world. In Grvà Theft Auto IV, there is nothing missing what people from previous versions loved. What’s more, there are new, great solutions lớn test!

GTA IV / Grand Theft Aulớn IV Download PC Game


System Requirements:

System: OS Windows 7, Windows Vista – Service Paông xã 1 / Windows XP.. – Service Pack 3Processor: Hãng sản xuất Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHzMemory: 1.5GB XPhường / 1.5GB VistaGraphics: 256MB Nvidia 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900Hard Drive: 16GB

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