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About Homefront The Revolution

HomeFront The Revolution Crack is the new chapter of the saga Homefront, which brings again a dystopian future where the United States has been invaded by North Korea. The game is developed by Crytek. Homefront: The Revolution will be released in 2015 to lớn PlayStation 4, Xbox & PC.Yes, it sounds crazy, but Homefront The Revolution can be one of the most controversial games of the current generation thanks to lớn its extremely svào & political plot. The year is 2027, after a unification of the Koreas, countries declare war on the United States & begin the invasion lớn the North American country. You must join the resistance & fight against the eastern area in the territory of Uncle Sam.Until then, although fanciful. Tired of seeing in many action films some more incredible than these, as for example, alien invasions và supervillains destroying entire towns.But what draws attention is really excessive exaggerations that THQ is keen lớn promote.

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Right at the beginning, it is possible khổng lồ note a scene with strong appeal, in which Americans are taken khổng lồ concentration camps without any mercy, and during the journey in a bus, it is possible khổng lồ watch the scene of a couple running in front of his own young son.A mistake to lớn think that this is only an introduction và that the unfolding of the story calls are aside, on the contrary, during the game appear other violent elements. At times it is necessary lớn hide in a ditch full of bodies or in other, join groups that rebels who torture without the slighchạy thử pity, the Korean soldiers.That makes it take much stomach to face these appeals, however, this same plot although shocking, show a lot consists of unwinding the story, something that in most of the games in first person can’t see, just messing about và drastic changes in the main story.Homefront The Revolution features a combat system, with a precise & gameplay with excellent response time. Excellent up too, especially in time khổng lồ shoot a grenade where tốc độ is a record. The targeting system also helps, because Homefront most guns uses points that facilitate time hit your enemies at a distance.About the guns, Homefront The Revolution offers an incredible variety of weaponry. Various types of rifles, large and small weapons are available to lớn kết thúc the Korean invasion. Not to lớn mention the vehicles used to kết thúc with the larger enemy weaponry. Are at your disposal tanks, helicopters and even a tank fired automatically, simply by aiming the targets và execute the orders.In multiplayer the same gameplay makes it easy, although the characters behave so well (with hops & inaccurate drives), it’s not complicated at all hit that enemy crossing its path suddenly. HomeFront The Revolution Download không lấy phí liên kết just can be found below!


1- Cliông chồng the “Download Homefront The Revolution” button below.

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