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Matlab 2017b (MATLAB 9.3, R2017b) introduced on 21 Sep 2017 with new features in MATLAB & Simulinks, six new products, và updates & bug fixes lớn 86 other products. The release also adds new important deep learning capabilities that simplify how engineers, researchers, và other domain name experts kiến thiết, train, and deploy models.

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What" new in Matlab 2017b


Live Editor: Write MATLAB commands with automated, contextual hints for arguments, property values, and alternative syntaxes​​​​​Live Editor: Export live sầu scripts to lớn LaTeX format​​​​​​​​​Live Editor: Display high-resolution plots in PDF output​​​Live sầu Editor: Horizontally align text, equations, và images​​​​​​​​​​​Live sầu Editor: Automatically match delimiters & wrap comments while editing code​​Live Editor: View và scroll through table data, including variable & row names​​​​​​​​Live sầu Editor: Cheông xã code for errors và warnings using the message bar và message indicatorDocumentation: Use the Live sầu Editor in a website browser lớn open, edit, & run MATLAB online documentation examplesMATLAB Drive: Store, access, and manage your files from anywhereAdd-On Manager: Customize your MATLAB environment by enabling and disabling add-ons​​​​​​Add-On Manager: Find installed add-ons faster using sort & search​​​​​​​​​​Toolbox Packaging: Create a Getting Started Guide for your toolbox from a Live sầu Script template​​​​​​​​​​​​​Toolbox Packaging: Share your toolbox on File Exchange directly when you package it​​​​Commvà Window: View updated display for cell arrays

Language & Programming

Code Compatibility Report: Generate a report that helps the updating of code khổng lồ a newer MATLAB release​​isStringScalar Function: Determine whether đầu vào is a string array with one elementconvertStringsToChars và convertCharsToStrings Functions: Enable your code to accept all text types as inputs without otherwise altering your codearrayfun, cellfun, và structfun Functions: Return object arrays as output argumentsScripts: Run sections in scripts containing local functionsisfile & isfolder Functions: Determine if đầu vào is a file or a folderFunctionality being removed or changed


decomposition Object: Solve linear systems repeatedly with improved performancelsqminnorm Function: Find minimum-norm solution of underdetermined linear systemdissect Function: Reorder sparse matrix columns using nested dissection orderingvecnorm Function: Compute vector-wise norms of arrayspolyshape Object: Create, analyze, và visualize 2-D polygonseigs Function: Improved algorithm and new optionssvds Function: Set options with name-value pairsInterpolation Functions: Method for modified Akima cubic Hermite interpolation
Functionality being removed or changed


geobubble Function: Create an interactive sầu bản đồ with bubbles whose kích thước and color vary with data valueswordcloud Function: Display words at different sizes based on frequency or custom kích thước databinscatter Function: Visualize data density with dynamic bin form size adjustmentTall Array Support: Visualize out-of-memory data using plot, scatter, và binscatterheatmap Function: Sort rows và columns & use custom labels in a heatmapbar Function: Control individual bar colorsChart Colors: Create bar & area charts with new default colorsAxes Object: Specify the target axes for more functionsFunctionality being removed or changed

Data Import & Export

Custom Datastore: Build a customized datastoredatastore Function: Work with data stored in Windows Azure Blob Storagedatastore Function: Access Hadoop HDFS data more easilyFileDatastore Object: Create unisize output from datastoreHDF5 Functions: Create datasets, groups, attributes, link, và named datatypes using non-ASCII charactersWeb services: Skip VPS name verification in certificatesjsonencode Function: Encode NaN & Inf as nullFunctionality being removed or changed

Data Analysis

ischange Function: Detect abrupt changes in dataislocalmin và islocalmax Functions: Detect local minima and maxima in datarescale Function: Scale data lớn a specified rangetall Arrays: Operate on tall arrays with more functions, including fillmissing, filter, median, polyfit, and synchronizetall Array Indexing: Use subscripted assignment with tall arraystallrng Function: Control random number generator used by tall arraystimetable Data Container: Specify whether each variable in a timetable contains continuous or discrete data using the VariableContinuity propertymink and maxk Functions: Find the k smallest or largest elements in an arraytopkrows Function: Find the k top rows in sorted order for numeric arrays, tables, & timetables

App Building

App Designer: Create apps with a wide variety of 2-D & 3-D plotsApp Designer: Add menus lớn an tiện ích from the Component LibraryApp Designer: Specify đầu vào arguments when running an appApp Designer: Add a summary, description, & screenshot for phầm mềm packaging và compilingApp Designer: Improved component Properties pane in Code ViewApp Designer: Edit tichồng labels for gauges, knobs, and sliders directly in the canvasuitree & uitreenode Functions: Create trees & tree nodes in appsuiconfirm Function: Create modal in-app confirmation dialog boxesToolbox Packaging: Add App Designer apps to lớn the Apps Gallery upon toolbox installationMATLAB Online: Run App Designer apps in MATLAB Online


App Designer: Load apps fasterExecution Engine: Improved performance for vectorized math on CPUs with AVX2​​​Live Editor: Run live sầu scripts with loops faster

Hardware Support

Arduino: Wirelessly connect to Arduino boards using low-cost Bluetooth adaptorsArduino Setup UI: Set up a connection lớn your Arduino board over USB, Công nghệ Bluetooth, or WiFiArduino Plug-In Detection: Discover available Arduino support và examples when plugging a compatible Arduino board

Advanced Software Development

MATLAB Engine API for C++: Run MATLAB code from C++ programs with object-oriented programming tư vấn and asynchronous executionMATLAB Engine API for C++: Pass data between C++ programs & MATLAB using MATLAB Data ArrayJava SE 8: MATLAB tư vấn, providing improved security and access lớn new Java features​​​MinGW 5.3: MATLAB support​​​Microsoft Visual Studio 2017: MATLAB support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community, Professional, and Enterprise editions​Compiler tư vấn changed for building MEX files & standalone MATLAB engine & MAT-tệp tin applicationsPython thả Version 3.6: MATLAB supportPerl 5.24.1: MATLAB supportMATLAB Handle class method: Add a listener for an event without binding the listener lớn the source objectUnit Testing Framework: Provide code coverage reports in the Cobertura format for improved continuous integration workflows​​​Unit Testing Framework: Generate HTML report of a demo run​​Unit Testing Framework: ​​Write tests as live sầu scriptsUnit Testing Framework: Specify additional diagnostics to lớn evaluate upon failures using the onFailure​​​​​​ methodPerformance Testing Framework: Define multiple measurement boundaries in kiểm tra methodsMocking Framework: Construct mocks for classes that have sầu Abstract methods with other attributesSource Control Integration: Show differences from parent files and save copies in Git BranchesFunctionality being removed or changed

System Requirements - Release 2017b


Windows 8 is not supported as of R2017b.Support for Windows Server 2008 R2 will be discontinued as of R2018a.Operating SystemsProcessorsDisk SpaceRAMGraphics
64-Bit MATLAB, Simuliên kết and Polyspace Product Families
Windows 10Windows 8.1Windows 8Windows 7 Service Pachồng 1Windows Server 2016Windows Server 2012 R2Windows Server 2012Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pachồng 1Any Hãng sản xuất Intel or AMD x86-64 processorAVX2 instruction set support is recommendedWith Polyspace, 4 cores is recommended2 GB for MATLAB only,4–6 GB for a typical installation2 GBWith Simuliên kết, 4 GB is requiredWith Polyspace, 4 GB per core is recommendedNo specific graphics card is required.Hardware accelerated graphics card supporting OpenGL 3.3 with 1GB GPU memory is recommended.


Ubuntu 17.04 is supported as of R2017b.Debian 9 is supported as of R2017b.Operating SystemsProcessorsDisk SpaceRAMGraphics
64-Bit MATLAB, Simulink và Polyspace Product Families
Qualified distributions*:Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS, and 17.04Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 và 7**SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12***Debian 8.x, 9.xAny Intel or AMD x86-64 processorAVX2 instruction set support is recommendedWith Polyspace, 4 cores is recommended2.2 GB for MATLAB only,4–6 GB for a typical installation2 GBWith Simuliên kết, 4 GB is requiredWith Polyspace, 4 GB per core is recommendedNo specific graphics thẻ is required.Hardware accelerated graphics card supporting OpenGL 3.3 with 1GB GPU memory is recommended.Use of vendorsupplied proprietary drivers is strongly recommended.

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* The listed distributions are those Linux distributions that MathWorks products have sầu been validated against. It is likely that other distributions with kernel version 2.6 or later và glibc version 2.12 or later can successfully run MathWorks products, but MathWorks will be in a limited position to provide technical tư vấn for those distributions.
** MathWorks follows Red Hat’s support policy for minor versions of RHEL. As of MATLAB R2017b, Red Hat does not support RHEL versions 6.7 & older. Refer khổng lồ the Red Hat website site for additional information.
*** MathWorks follows SUSE’s tư vấn policy for minor versions of Enterprise Desktop. As of MATLAB R2017b, SUSE supports SLED 12 SP2 and later. Refer khổng lồ the SUSE web site for additional information.
macOS High Sierra (10.13) is supported as of R2017b.macOS Yosemite (10.10) is not supported as of R2017b.

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Operating SystemsProcessorsDisk SpaceRAMGraphics
64-Bit MATLAB, Simuliên kết & Polyspace Product Families
macOS Sierra (10.12)macOS El Capitan (10.11)macOS Yosemite (10.13)Any Hãng Intel or AMD x86-64 processorAVX2 instruction phối tư vấn is recommendedWith Polyspace, 4 cores is recommended2.5 GB for MATLAB only,4–6 GB for a typical installation2 GBWith Simulink, 4 GB is requiredWith Polyspace, 4 GB per core is recommendedNo specific graphics card is required.Hardware accelerated graphics card supporting OpenGL 3.3 with 1GB GPU memory is recommended.

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