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NetOp School Teacher

Netop School6 is the premier solution for computerized teaching from Netop, the world’s leading provider of classroom management software. Designed for educators who teach in networked classrooms or computer labs, Netop School6 incorporates powerful tools for preparation, instruction and evaluation in one complete solution.

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NetOp School Student

Netop School6 is the premium classroom management software for today's networked classrooms & computer labs, providing powerful tools for lesson preparation, teaching and evaluation in one complete solution.It has all the tools you’d expect from a classroom management software: screen-sharing, remote control, application launch, and more.


Netop OnDemand

Netop OnDemand gives you short-term access khổng lồ attended devices which aren’t already running the core components of Netop Remote Control. End users download a small, self-executing program, which establishes a secure connection without needing khổng lồ reconfigure firewalls. This initiates an individual, temporary web-based remote tư vấn session.



This piece of software helps you download torrent files with an impressive sầu speed. Available for both Mac and operating systems. Besides downloading torrent files, this program also lets you watch movies while they are being downloaded & you have the possibility to organize all of your downloaded files into categories.


Arctic Torrent

Arctic Torrent is an open source C++ application to lớn manage all your P2Phường. transactions based on torrent files. Its simple layout gives you all the basic information you need lớn know the progress of your file-sharing operations, and will not take up any more system resources than those strictly necessary.


Torrent Assault

Torrent Assault is a mass BitTorrent uploader. It allows you to lớn easily announce your torrent files to lớn over 10 different torrent sites, all on autopilot. Torrent Assault can automatically crachồng & fill in CAPTCHA's và much more like assign categories to groups of torrent files for example.



CuteTorrent comes with some interesting features such as Proxy support, Global và per-torrent tốc độ limits, IPv6 tư vấn, the ability lớn mount Disk Images lớn DaemonTools, and a convenient và easy-to-use website interface that lets you manage your downloads remotely.


Torrent Database

Torrent Database 4.0.1


µTorrent (uTorrent)

µTorrent is an easy-to-use BitTorrent tải về client for OS. Download your files as quickly và efficiently as possible without slowing down your other online activities. uTorrent offers advanced settings such as automation, scripting, remote management & more.

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NetSupport School

NetSupport School is a classroom management solution with collaboration, monitoring, control, and assessment features. It allows teachers khổng lồ stream a virtual whiteboard with students' computers for real-time instruction. You can also cốt truyện the desktop, selected applications, & videos to lớn selected students.


Torrent Stream

Torrent Stream is a truyền thông media platkhung that allows distributed & decentralized multimedia data transfer. The program provides audio-visual online broadcast, without the need for maintenance of the park servers and expenditures for payment of the network traffic. The Torrent Stream package contains a TS Engine, a TS Player, a multitruyền thông media plug-in and Magic Player.


Movie Torrent

Movie Torrent is a powerful and reliable application for searching, downloading and sharing any type of tệp tin you wish. It allows you to lớn add multi-tracker information to the torrent & bears simultaneous downloads, tải về queue, selected downloads in torrent package, fast-resume, disk cache, speed limits, port mapping, proxy và IP-filter.


3D Fish School Screen Saver

3 chiều Fish School Screen Saver Free is a marine theme screensaver. Choose from both freshwater và marine tanks, then customize 3 chiều animated underwater background with sound. Now you can download and try it now for không lấy phí.Download và relax with the peaceful images & sound.

Torrent Search

Search Torrents in more than 32 Top Torrent Search engines.


OBS School Atlas

The authoritative sầu physical và political maps as well as the maps covering climatic variations, geology, structure, soil types, vegetation and areas of human endeavour, such as agriculture, industry, communication và tourism, will help students understvà the relationship between geographical features and human activities.


School of Dragons

This is a game based on the popular Dreamworks movie How khổng lồ train your dragon. In it, you are a rookie rồng flyer who needs khổng lồ help your people khổng lồ fight rogue pirates & other enemies. To do so, you need to learn how to lớn pilot your rồng and accomplish a series of tasks.

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NetOp Remote Control Host

Netop Remote Control is the secure remote management và tư vấn software that enables your tech tư vấn team lớn provide complex remote maintenance & user support across, Mac, Linux, Solaris và OS/2 platforms without jeopardizing organizational security.