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Face recognition liquefaction The Liquor filter now features advanced face recognition, which automatically recognizes your eyes, nose, lips, and other facial features, making it easier to lớn adjust. "Face recognition liquefaction" can effectively modify portrait photos, make comics, and bởi vì more.

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"Choose & cover" workspace Creating accurate selections and masks in Photosiêu thị is now faster and easier than ever. A new dedicated workspace is now available to lớn help you create precise selections and masks. Use tools such as the Adjust Edge Brush lớn clearly separate foreground và background elements and vì chưng more. To điện thoại tư vấn the workspace, when the selection tool is enabled, click Select and Hide in the options bar. Or the Cmd+Option+R key is executed.Matching font Don"t rely on guessing lớn identify fonts. Let Photosiêu thị CC solve sầu this problem for you. With magical intelligent image analysis, Photocửa hàng CC can use machine learning techniques lớn detect fonts & match them lớn authorized fonts on your computer or Typekit, & recommend similar images. Font. Simply select the image area whose text contains the fonts you want lớn analyze. Now select Text > Match Fonts.
Content recognition cropping When you use the crop tool lớn rotate or straighten an image, or extkết thúc the extent of the canvas beyond the original kích cỡ of the image, Photocửa hàng CC can now intelligently fill the gap with nội dung recognition technology.
Improvements lớn Adobe Stoông xã integration You can now open resources directly from Photocửa hàng from the Adobe Stochồng trang web. In addition, authorizing watermarked pReviews with Photostop is now easier than ever. You can authorize pReview from the Layers panel, the properties panel, or the canvas; just right-clichồng on the Stochồng resource & select the authorization image. Finding the right Stoông chồng resource for your project is now also very simple. You can use the new filtered search in the Adobe Stock trang web & in the library. Authorized Adobe Stoông chồng resources are tagged for easy identification; đoạn phim assets now have sầu an associated pđánh giá.Embed a color protệp tin inkhổng lồ an exported resource You can use the Export as dialog box khổng lồ embed a color protệp tin inkhổng lồ a PNG or JPG tệp tin. Choose File > Export > Export As, or right-cliông chồng the layer in the Layers panel and select Export As.
Alternative sầu glyphs on the canvas 3 chiều printing You can now print 3 chiều models as 3D Manufacturing Format (3MF) files.
More improvements to lớn the artboard You can now copy layers or layer groups khổng lồ other artboards, quickly change the artboard background, and view artboards with a transparent background. If you have already specified an artboard background, you can now include the artboard background when exporting the artboard as a PDF or a supported image format. When you export a artboard as a PDF, you can also include the artboard name and phối a custom phông size, fonts color, canvas extension color, and more.Handle daily tasks faster Photoshop CC now opens documents faster và responds quickly. The content recognition fill speed is now up to lớn 3x higher và works better. The Fonts thực đơn loads phông lists up khổng lồ 4x faster.Enhancements lớn the Creative Cloud library You can now nói qua your library with anyone who has a Creative Cloud account. When adding co-workers khổng lồ the repository, choose what cấp độ of authority you want to lớn give them.

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Use with Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview) Directly copy & paste resources from Photosiêu thị CC inlớn Adobe XD (a new versatile tool for designing user experiences và prototypes for websites & applications).Adobe Portfolio Use Adobe Portfolio to create beautiful, beautiful collection sites quickly và easily. Now you can use Adobe Portfolio khổng lồ create a custom login page & liên hệ information page, making it easier to liên hệ the author.

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