Nowhere Prophet is a post-apocalyptic bagel with a battle system inspired by card games. The action takes place in a futuristic world, weakened by a grand technological catastrophe that made it isolated from the rest of the universe. Because of this, it is just the shadow of its former self. Players enter a very hostile world called Soma, và they lead a group of people involved in a grandiose exodus. Their purpose — the mystical crypt — the storehouse of salvation. Rumors suggest that this is a place where people can freely use technology. Only well-equipped expeditions are able to reach their destination.

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Total War WARHAMMER 2 — many centuries ago, the High Elves were given the opportunity to create great magical whirlwinds, with the help of which they protected their territories from unexpected guests. With the help of this vortex, they prevented the appearance of dark demons, và today it is used in the size of a shield to blochồng the way for demons to our world. Many centuries have passed, and all this time it was used to contain evil, & as a result of this, its magical energy is running out. Act urgently, and make sure that this vortex is stabilized. It is necessary to replenish its energy reserves, & then use it to protect the universe from Chaos.


Grand Ages Medieval is a game project in the strategy genre, where all actions take place in real time. Here you have to take on the role of a powerful and fearless ruler of the lands, which sets off on the path of conquests và endless battles with numerous opponents. At first you will be the simplest mayor of absolutely nothing enemy settlement, which you will then expand in various ways, as well as do everything possible for its prosperity.


The Blind Prophet is an adventure game with a fascinating storyline, where you will become part of a world in which there is great evil. Here your task is to overcome this evil, but first you need to find a way to do it. You will constantly face the ominous và covered with a dark veil of secrets, which reveal is not so simple, which may seem at first glance. Gradually, as you unravel the secrets, you will be able to get for yourself a great power, which then will allow you to destroy the main enemy. You will assume the role of the apostle, who will go to save sầu the đô thị from the invasion of sinister power.


Re-Legion is a cyberpunk strategy with a unique RTS gameplay & a classic isometric camera. Re-Legion sends players in 2083 — a time when new cults began to appear everywhere, while humanity was trying to find its place in a world controlled by megacorporations and developed technologies. Become a prophet in the technocratic society of the future in this RTS, created in a cyberpunk setting. This is a game where you have sầu to create your own dogma, lure as many citizens as you can, train them & save sầu the city from non-believers.
This release Re Legion
is standalone and includes Holy Wars all nội dung from our previous release & updates.

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The Banner Saga 2 — the continuation of the history of the first part of the popular game in the genre of tactical RPG, where each of your decisions will influence the further development of events. For those who could enjoy the first part of the game, you will be given the opportunity to download the decisions taken & the heroes saved by you. The second part of the series is also well thought out và carefully worked out, able to give sầu unforgettable emotions & separation from the process. You will again go to an incredible adventure with many heroes, which you will find on your way. In addition, you will be waiting for rivals, which will not be so easy to win.

Command và Conquer Red Alert 3 — one of the best RTS in modern times, the game, on the example of which even today many developers are creating new strategies. Here you will find an alternative sầu fantasy reality, a war between the USSR và the Alliance, battles, world domination và super-weapons of the future. The plot of the game continues the story of the previous part. The USSR lost in battle with the Alliance và was defeated on all fronts. But the generals, in alliance with scientists, decided to resort to the lakiểm tra secret project — they used a time machine with which the world order & history were completely changed.

The struggle between the Brotherhood NOD and the forces of GDI continues! The irreconcilable war for Tiberius broke out with a new force, & Kane himself, the charismatic leader of the rebels, turned out to be in the center of events. Command and Conquer 3 Kanes Wrath reveals the story of the main criminal of the planet. Twenty years from the life of Kane will sweep in front of you, covering the period from the birth of the Brotherhood to the third war for Tiberius. Events are revealed in corporate videos with live sầu actors.

Commvà & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars is a continuation of the classic series of real-time strategies in which the GDI organization & the NOD brotherhood once again took to the warpath, in the center of which are crystals of the alien mineral Tiberium. The game takes place in 2047, when, after a 17-year hiatus, the Brotherhood suddenly begins full-scale military operations — at the very beginning of the game, the Brotherhood destroys the Philadelphia orbital station, destroying all GDI high comm& in one fell swoop.

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The Lord of the Underworld has decided to return và now everything is much more threatening. Dungeons 2 Complete Edition - you will be forced to sacrifice the greedy desire of revenge from the Lord of the Underworld and find fierce monsters from all the hidden places of the underworld to accomplish his fierce mission. This time, conquering the underworld will not be enough, because the Lord of the Underworld will subjugate the insignificant people to his will và will try to capture the whole upper world.