X mirage crack 2

X-Mirage Craông chồng is the best AirPlay for Windows & Mac computers that allows anyone to lớn stream physical or semi-wireless iPhone, và iPod và iPod offers some Mac / Windows computers. Record programs và songs from iOS tools, as well as narrations through the microphone with a single click! In addition lớn the basic reflective function, X-Mirage supports the simultaneous display of multiple tools through a single computer / Mac, lớn rotate some đoạn Clip games in an exciting multiplayer competition.

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One-click on the donations that can be redeemed lớn receive all this happiness in the shadows of the show, igiảm giá khuyến mãi khổng lồ get away from your shows, slide shows, và games. Additionally, the AirPlay Safe PSD shelter can prsự kiện unwanted consumers. It would be almost wrong lớn distinguish today as a magic wvà.

X Mirage Serial Key is the most recognized AirPlay hệ thống for Windows and Mac computers that allows anyone lớn transmit material or mirrors on the iPhone wirelessly & the screen of the ipad and iPod to lớn any Mac / Windows computer.

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Recording and streaming of music from iOS devices, as well as voice-over through the microphone with a single clichồng. In addition to the basic duplication functionality, X Mirage supports the simultaneous display of multiple devices with a single PC / Mac, turning any game inlớn an exciting multiplayer competition. One-click saving helps khổng lồ display all this content on the screen và is igiảm giá for developing your applications, slide shows, and games. Also, AirPlay Security Password Cover can prevent unwanted users.

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X Mirage Key Features:

Excellent đoạn phim recording export functions.Very configurable.Create an AirPlay security password for your Mac to prsự kiện unwanted users.A less polished interface like the Mac version.Turn 1080p into incredible acceleration, taking broadcasts lớn another cấp độ.Stream music from an iOS device và enjoy it on your Mac / PC.Change songs or pause / play with premium truyền thông media control club on your Mac/laptop or computer.The InTouch screen of iPhone, máy tính bảng iPad, or iPod on your Mac or PC is reflected wirelesslyDuplicate many iOS devices on 1 Mac or PC. You can name your PC to lớn separate it from other AirPlay receivers.Create explanatory videos, design or display the iPhone ứng dụng, record student lessons, record iOS game titles, & iOS phầm mềm courses. Everything you vị can be recorded on your iOS devices và then exported.Invite friends and family khổng lồ simulate the đoạn Clip games you have sầu chosen for the same computer & compete against each other. The writing was not easy.



X Mirage Keyren System Requirements?

Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 102 GHz processor1 GB RAM100 MB free hard disk space1024×768 Screen display Resolution

How to Craông xã or Activate X Mirage?

Uninstall the Previous Version CompletelyTurn Off Your Virus ProtectionInstall Program NormallyRun CrackDone! Enjoy