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Thank you for purchasing khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium! In this article, we’ll explain how to lớn install the khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium plugin. If you want lớn install the free khoinghiepbartender.com SEO plugin, please kiểm tra out our installation guide for the miễn phí khoinghiepbartender.comSEO plugin.

You can install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium in two ways:

automatically, after you purchase the plugin; manually, via Mykhoinghiepbartender.com.

Let’s take a look at each of these installation flows step by step.

Table of contents

How khổng lồ manually install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO PremiumStep 1: Download the Premium pluginStep 2: Install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium

Before we explain how the automatic installation flow works, it is good lớn know that only khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium can be installed using this installation flow. You can access the installation flow in two ways: right after you purchase khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium và complete the checkout process, or by going to https://my.khoinghiepbartender.com/install. Then, khổng lồ install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium khổng lồ your WordPress site, follow these steps.

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Enter your site’s URL in the designated field.

You can either add a new URL or choose an existing one you’ve sầu already added to lớn Mykhoinghiepbartender.com (both options indicated with an arrow in the image below).


Cliông chồng the Download khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium button.

Depending on the browser you are using & the settings you have sầu you may: a. be prompted khổng lồ select the thư mục where you want khổng lồ have sầu your plugin downloaded (see image below). Then, a .zip format of the plugin will be downloaded to lớn your hard drive sầu. b. the plugin may automatically tải về in your downloads folder.


When the download is ready, clichồng the button: I’m ready. Please take me to my website.

You will automatically be taken to lớn the backend of your trang web. If you are not logged into your site you will need lớn log in. When logged in, you’ll automatically lvà on the Add Plugins screen in WordPress.


In the Add Plugins screen, upload the plugin .zip to your WordPress site & click the Install Now.

You can vày that either by clicking Choose File and then finding and selecting the .zip. Or, you can drag the downloaded .zip from the thư mục where you downloaded it & drop it in the Choose file filed.


Cliông chồng Activate Plugin.

When the plugin is installed, you will be taken lớn a new screen that shows you the installation status. If the plugin was successfully installed, you should see that message on the screen.


How to lớn manually install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium

Getting the khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium plugin lớn work consists of three steps:

Downloading the pluginInstalling the pluginConnecting your subscription

Let’s go through each step in a bit more detail.

Step 1: Download the Premium plugin

First of all, you need lớn download the Premium plugin. You can download the plugin in the Downloads section of Mykhoinghiepbartender.com. When you clichồng the download button of the khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium plugin in Mykhoinghiepbartender.com, you will either be prompted to select a folder to save sầu the zipped file or your browser will save sầu the zip file automatically khổng lồ your Downloads folder. Either way, make sure khổng lồ remember where you save this tệp tin.

You can always visit the Downloads section of Mykhoinghiepbartender.com, should you wish to tải về the plugin again.

Don’t have sầu a Mykhoinghiepbartender.com tài khoản yet? Use our QuickStart Guide lớn find out how lớn create one. Keep in mind that we create a new Mykhoinghiepbartender.com trương mục for you when you purchase with a new tin nhắn address.

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You can download the khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium plugin in the Downloads section of Mykhoinghiepbartender.comClichồng the Download button lớn start downloading the khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium pluginMy download is a folder, not a .zip file

If you’re downloading one of our plugins & instead of a .zip tệp tin you get a thư mục, your computer is unzipping the archive file immediately. The steps lớn change this behavior depover on the browser you use to download the tệp tin. After you change the behavior using the steps here, return to lớn the Downloads section of Mykhoinghiepbartender.com & download the plugin again.

Step 2: Install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium

khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium is an “add-on” for the free version of the plugin. This means that khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium is a companion to the không tính tiền version, & you need both plugins lớn work. So, before you can install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium, make sure you have sầu khoinghiepbartender.com SEO không tính phí installed và activated.

If you already have khoinghiepbartender.com SEO không tính phí installed, please update it to the lademo version before you install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium.

How to install khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium

Installing the Premium plugin is a little different than installing our không tính phí plugin since it’s a downloadable plugin và not one that you can find in the không lấy phí WordPress plugin repository. Let’s go through the steps you have sầu lớn take lớn install the khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium plugin!

Log in to lớn your WordPress website. When you’re logged in, you will be in your Dashboard.Cliông chồng on Plugins in the Admin thực đơn on the left (see image below).

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The Plugins settings will expvà.
Click Add New. A new screen will open. Note: If you don’t see the Add New option, your site is either a part of a multisite network, or you don’t have the right permissions to lớn install plugins on the site. If you are in a multisite environment, please install the plugin through the network admin under “My Sites”> “Network Admin”>”Plugins”.
Click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button at the top of the screen. The screen will expvà with the option to lớn upload files.
Cliông chồng the Choose File button. A new box will pop out. You can browse the thư mục where you save the plugin và select the plugin .zip tệp tin there. Clichồng Activate Plugin. You have to activate the plugin for it to lớn work. If you have sầu a multisite installation, you will see the option lớn “Network Activate”. To activate the plugin for all sites within the network, cliông xã “Network Activate”. Install through Composer

Want khổng lồ install our premium plugins via Composer? We’ve got you covered with this guide on how lớn install khoinghiepbartender.com plugins using Composer.

Step 3: Connect your subscription

Now, you can move on to lớn the final step: it’s time to lớn connect your subscription! Go to the Sites section of Mykhoinghiepbartender.com. There, clichồng ‘Add site’, enter the URL of the site you would like to lớn add to lớn your trương mục and select the platform that your site is running on. Lastly, cliông xã on ‘Add’ to lớn confirm.


Once you’ve sầu done this, you’ll see your site in the Sites overview. Click the ‘Manage’ button behind your site’s URL, và connect your subscription to your site by switching the toggle khổng lồ ‘On’, as shown in the image below.

Switch the toggle to ‘On’ to connect your subscription to your site

That’s it! khoinghiepbartender.com SEO Premium is now installed and activated on your site!

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